Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Dearest Suparna,

There have been many wonderful things about our vacation so far. It's been so eye opening to experience difference cultures, see so many new sights, and spend lots of time with friends and family. Perhaps one of the best parts of all of it has been having time. Sure, we do need to stick to some agenda and make our flights and trains at specific times, but in all honesty, we haven't had to keep too hard to an agenda. We've been able to explore freely, see places at our own pace, and just enjoy having time. Rather than heading out with a purpose, we get to head out with the purpose of simply being and experiencing things.

Today was our second day in Sheffield. In the morning we woke up aaram se, hung out with Seren and Bua in the morning, and went swimming. It was so amazing to have time to just take our time and not worry about rushing around or getting somewhere.

And then, some crazy girl decided to get her hair cut (if a picture gets posted, it will be from you, not me). I don't know what was up with this hair salon, but this was practically a three hour experience. Fortunately, I had Phuphaji's wisdom and advice NOT to wait around, and to go out on my own. This meant that I had a few hours to just walk around Sheffield and explore on my own. I visited the university (two different campuses), went outside through the mall, walked by the fountains at the train station, saw the peace gardens, at least a few parks, visited the local "punk rock youth" over by Devonshire Green, listened to live music (great jazz saxophone!), and just enjoyed taking in the city. It was wonderful to have a number of hours to just hang out, pass time, and not really worry about doing anything. It felt GREAT to just have time.

I had already decided to write about time, and then it was just too fitting that we started discussing this strange concept of time with Gayti and Paul. For Suparna (and Seren) standard time, 1 hour late is right on time. Paul's country time runs 30 minutes behind. On Berkeley time, everything runs 10 minutes late. For others, if you're right on time, then you're considered late. And if you're headed to an Indian party, you'd better not show up on time, because nobody will be there and nothing will be ready. And we have a few friends that are amazingly (too) punctual as well. I guess there's no "right way" to do time, but it's helpful to know who it is you're dealing with.

I feel like I've taken a good bit of time now just rambling about time, so it's time for bed time!

Tumhaaraa hamesha,

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