Saturday, July 18, 2015

Round Round Get Around I Get Around

Dearest Suparna,

I was debating whether I would write to you about food or travel today, but given our lovely little experiences in The Hague, I think that transportation won out. But before we get into that, what a fun little fact that in 5 days we have been in 5 different countries. If only we could keep up this pace we'd make it all the way the way around the world in less than a single year. But I think we would be too exhausted.

So let's think about all of our fun new travel experiences:
  • We managed to get ALL of our stuff packed in just two rucksacks, each of which weighs less than 10kg.
  • We only needed to get our passports stamped in Iceland, and when we arrived in Norway, we were pretty surprised that we didn't get a stamp. After asking two people, we were simply told "that's Iceland, this is Europe," and nobody cares at all about stamping the passport. And true to this, we made it from Bergen to Amsterdam with not a single person even looking at our passport in the airport (in fact, they didn't even check ANY form of idea, which is a little scary).
  • We've already traveled by plane, train (3 types), bus, car, boat, and our good old two legs (each of us has a pair, no sharing here!). 
  • For the first time we traveled on an internal flight in Europe, and we tagged and checked in our bags ourselves. We got our bags back without a hitch. It looks like they've figured this whole travel thing out in Europe much better than back home in the states.
  • I think my favorite of all has been The Hague. Everyone bikes everywhere! People talk about Boulder being a bicycle friendly city, but there's absolutely no comparison AT ALL. Bikes own the road here, and everyone bikes (not just crazy physical activity enthusiasts). This is so so so so excellent.
  • It was a nice lesson to learn that almost all of the European countries drive on the same side of the road as in the US, which makes the prospect of driving here on our own slightly less daunting.
And now someone is calling me to sleep, so here I come!

Tumhaaraa hamesha,
PS: And now we are staying with the lovely lovely Utty, which makes the whole trip even better!

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