Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Water helps me say goodbye

Dear Dan,

Yes, today was indeed a day of rest and rejuvenation with a nice slow morning, laughter throughout the day, and Utty giving us a taste of one of my favorite things to do in the world - stand on the beach and feel the hug of water around my feet and the sand below me disappear. 

Uttara also took us to an amazing beachside restaurant (Summertime) where we had the most delicious vegetarian "tuna" and "chicken" (quoted from the menu with the quotation marks!) I have ever had! What a coincidence that we found his (aka "The Vegetarian Butcher") shop in Den Haag on our walk to the Peace Palace later in the evening! 

Vegetarian "chicken"

Look at him cutting those carrot heads!!

Vegetarian "tuna"

We had more food adventures! My search for the perfect pistachio gelato (Norway, you best-gelato-producing-country-you - sorry, Italy!) got us in a sticky situation when the gelato lady got angry with us and called us stupid because we tried the pistachio flavor and didn't like it. I felt bad for not buying it from her, but I was also being honest that I didn't like it. This trip is teaching me so much about people, myself, and gelato. 

We had the most magnificent dinner made by our dear Utty! Cheffing runs in her family and I mostly watched in awe as she chopped, sautéed, boiled, and concocted. And thank you for providing us with delectable Latin tunes for us to groove to and take silly pictures!

Delicious couscous salad! 

Delicious roasted potatoes!

Delicious roquette salad!

The master at work! 
Just in case you missed it - the master at work!

Den Haag has been my favorite city so far in the Netherlands - with it's diverse landscape, history, and accessibility - and mostly because Utty lives here ; ) We ended the day with chocolate chip cookies and so much laughter. 

Binnenhof - the parliament
O.A.R. got it right 

The Peace Palace - home of the ICJ

I love that you have adopted my cousins and larger family, Dan. I love that you are part of my family and that I am part of yours. Thank you for that honor.

Off to Germany tomorrow to see dear Chris! Love, always, tumharee,

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