Monday, July 20, 2015

What-a-Dam, Rotterdam!

Dear Dan,

What a dag we had today!

We had another yummy breakfast thanks to dear Utty and then we headed off to our very own adventures. It's been fun logging about an average of 22k steps a day (average of 16kms/10 miles) walking these cobblestoned streets of Den Haag, Amsterdam, and today,  Rotterdam. 

On the train from Den Haag Centraal to Rotterdam Centraal - still amazes me how easily and well connected cities are in this country! 

Feetsies hurt!

Can't go back to eating regular fries anymore! Peanut sauce on fries - here we come!
Belts for our pants wouldn't be the worst expenditure to have on this trip! ; ) but then that delicious hazelnut gelato and the finger-licking yummy echte patat might ensure that we spend our money on more experiences (eating included of course) than belts!

Walking in the rain that with you was really special. 

The best rainy day companion a girl could ask for!

I know there were times when I got cold, hangry, and whiney. And I'm sorry for being so crabby when I got thirsty and hungry. But thank you, always, for your patience, kindness, and for ignoring Google Maps so we can now tell our future unborn children that we walked the entire length of an island (Noordereiland) between two amazing bridges (Willemsbrug and Erasmusbrug) and across 3 (De Hef) and among spectacular architecture showing just how different war-blown Rotterdam is from the other Dutch cities we've been to!

De Hef



Noordereiland from Erasmusbrug - we got to those two trees and realized we weren't adequately prepared to swim to the bridge, so we walked east to the next bridge and went to the next island and got to Erasmusbrug.
Some amazing angles in Rotterdam

More angles

We walked from the Centraal Station down through Centrum and then finally when we got to Erasmusbrug, we took a left and wandered all the way to Willemsbrug (S123) and walked along the north edge and then across the bridge. We then walked on Maaskade thinking it would lead us straight to Erasmusbrug. I know we were both so surprised when we had to walk all around and back on Prins Hendrikkade to the other side of Kop Van Zuid to get to Erasmusbrug! 

Of course, if we were as smart as Google maps, (thank you T mobile for unlimited text and data while we roam and get lost!) we would've known that at one particular juncture, the only way to get on the Erasmusbrug was from the east side of Noordereiland not where we were on the west edge ; ) but unlike Google maps, we got to experience a fun bridge and many gorgeous views of the city's landscape! 

You look so sweet trying to Google Maps (verb!) while I take photos and smell the rain! :P

Today, we talked about how we would respond as parents if we were those group of adults looking for those two children who seem to be looking for their adults. We also talked about life, hope, dreams, disappointments, and just how unbelievable it is that we're actually on this trip together!

We didn't get to take the waterbus to Kinderdijk to see the windmills, but we got to practice good communication and pee in a McDonald's bathroom instead. I say, we got the better end of that deal ; ) Yes, we'll plan better and differently next time, but I loved today. However it was. For that and for being lost in you, I thank you.

Here's to more walking, exploring, eating, drinking, laughing, and getting lost on cobblestoned streets with you! And when our feet get too too tired, we'll thank the mind-blowing public transport system in this country for saving us!

Thanks for your patience today.

Lost in you,


P.S. - I don't want to forget the yummy Irish ale we had today - Kilkenny. And what is it with restaurants not wanting to hydrate us with good old H2O? I wanted to argue with the bartender today when he said I couldn't get tap water (something you have to ask for specifically at restaurants here and specify you don't want bottled sparking/still water) because of the "burger deal". What does getting a free burger have to do with getting a glass of tap water? Anyhow, the food was yummy, the company great, and you looked happy...

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