Thursday, August 13, 2015

A Change Of Plan

Dear Daniel,

Our last full day of our Epic Europe Trip is coming to a close. And I'm so glad we did this. We tried to do an epic trip like this last year, but we had to change our plans, and it worked out wonderfully, because here we are, as a result of our change of plans.

I will reflect wholly more about this unbelievably spectacular trip in another letter, but for now, I just want to take in this moment.

My feet are still frigid from the ice cold and wet day today. We had to change our plans today because of the weather. The prized snorkeling experience between two tectonic plates we saved money and time for that was to happen today got cancelled an hour before we were supposed to leave. A cursory and unempathetic phone call (that we made to follow up on an unempathetic email) informed us that the rain dampened all tours today. What a bummer, especially knowing just how excited you were for it.

So we changed plans. More walking in the cold, a trip to the Icelandic Phallologic Museum  (I guess we don't have the necessary humor quotient to appreciate over 50 samples of dissected penises from over 30 animals floating in jars of formaldehyde), and seeing the clouds part to actually see the cliffs on the other side of Reykjavik!

We also had to change our plans of snorkeling and we found a very pleasing water based activity to do just that! Swimming in geothermal pools straight from under the earth! We found one that locals frequent and man, I loved the steam bath!

So after a day of changing plans and being flexible, I'm ready to dream and begin the slow process of saying goodbye to the beautiful continent.

With love,

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