Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Field Trips and Trysts with Time

Dear Dan,

Time seems to move so fast here. Not in a hustle bustle kind of fast - but in a "Oh! We're here already?" kind of way! Our train ride from Sheffield to London was smooth and uneventful. And so so pretty to stare out of the window and become lost in the vast greens and paintable landscapes.

Our first day in London was filled with adventure! We arrived at St. Pancras station and the first thing that popped into my head was, "Yay! We're in Harry Potter land!!" Even though I knew that HP was never written or shot there, I kept thinking - what must Jo be thinking about when she walked these streets of London, etc. When you were admiring the gigantic sculpture of the couple saying goodbye to one another - I was looking for the entry to Platform 9 and 3/4. I know, it’s not in St. Pancras, but in Kings Cross Station – but still. It’s just across the street! 

I enjoyed being lost once again - ever so slightly though - compared to Oslo - we had were equipped with data on our phone (GPS zindabaad) and endowed with the ability to understand signs and people speaking. Though when we were seriously wandering in Leicester Square, I don't think I heard single word of English among all those tourists from every part of the world. I think I saw more Indians and Pakistanis on one stretch of Covent Garden than I have ever seen in Colorado my entire time there. The world is indeed a small small place. 

Wandering aimlessly and being thrown out of museums ain't so bad. Wandering aimlessly with and being thrown out of museums because of having our big rucksacks with us - bad. We did it though! We even stood in line waiting for a meal at what was clearly London's longest-line-outside-ever restaurant with our big rucksacks. We couldn't have looked fresher off the boat. 

And we were!

Boating along the Thames with you right before that was perfect! Not only did it give us a break from our rucksacks - it gave us spectacular views and vantage points of the city and an overview of the city I appreciated very much to situate myself! 

The Tower Bridge in London from the boat
The Shard - London's tallest building with The Tower Bridge

After our boat ride, we found ourselves rested and reasonably river-aired to go wait in line for 1.5 hours outside of Dishoom. Dishoom, it turned out, is quite a popular Parsi restaurant. Fancy walking into the loo and finding a bottle of Isabgol (fibery husk to help aid bowel movements) on display in the restroom! 

Credit: shop.khanapakana.com

We got to meet my cousin Nayana, whom I hadn’t seen in years! A quick inquiry via Whatsapp and a coincidental mention with Bua – sealed this meeting! So proud of my cousin and her hard work as a fashion designer and artist. I was blown away by the immense creativity, wisdom, and skill that go into her art. It was so wonderful to catch up over yummy paneer Frankies, dal makhani, pao bhaji, and roomali rotis. 

Every where we went today and every experience we’ve had on this trip has prompted me to think – how amazing it would be for a child studying this unit or that unit at the Logan School. It’s been over 2 weeks and we’ve had so many stupendously outrageously phenomenal field trips on our trip so far. And I’ve enjoyed completing the experiential learning cycle with you (how about some Kolb, eh? ; )

We ended our evening with a fun excursion to our air bnb and I’m excited to spend out first night ever in an air bnb!

See you tomorrow, meri jaan,


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