Monday, August 3, 2015

Free Floating

Dearest Suparna,

Today was our final day in London. We had no set agenda, but we were planning to have a full English breakfast, and then see the Tate museum, walk outside the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, and then walk down the mall road, see Buckingham Palace, and then walk through a bunch of the parks (green park, Hyde park). Even though we had to get up early to get for the AirBNB, we managed to do all of this (and more!). We also saw a bunch of the royal guards on horses and we saw the Prime Minster’s residence. It was pretty easy to figure out areas of interest - just follow the giant crowds of tourists.

The way we spent today was so different from the usual day to day. It feels like our days in modern society are always so scheduled, and we’re always trying to fit into some time table. This existence is so different. If we felt like it we could go one way, and at our whim then choose a different way. Like in the morning when we were planning to go to the Tate, but it turns out their are two museums. We didn’t end up going to the one we had planned, but we ended up having an amazing walk through 500 years of British art.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention our full English breakfast experience. I had read online that we would have plenty of vegetarian options at the Regency cafe, and we’d get an authentic experience. I guess that was true. When we asked the man at the counter for a vegetarian full breakfast, he said “that’s not the full breakfast, just tell me what you want.” And when we asked for black pudding, at least he warned us that it would a bad choice for vegetarians. But otherwise, this man was so curt and irate it was hilarious. He was yelling at and scolding everyone at the shop, but nonetheless this place was packed! I think this man was part of the whole experience. Like when he had two extra pieces of toast waiting for someone to pick up, and when the guy finally came up he said “you ordered two pieces of toast, but now you don’t want them. Why can’t you make up your mind?” Or the way he shouted “thank you very much” as people left, as though it was the end of his performance and he was thanking them for their applause. This experience was too classic, and I’d say anyone else who comes here should come for the same.

What a gift to be able to just experience the day wherever it takes us. I loved it. Barcelona, here we come!

Tumhaaraa hamesha,

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