Friday, August 7, 2015

La Valse d'Daniel

My dearest Dan,

Here we are - Paris! Why can't I still believe we're here??

It's slowly settling in...the easiest exit from the airport; the back-heaven sent luggage trolley we got from the terminal to the railway station; the teeny tiny metro cards; the ease of travel; your most excellent planning and navigation; the angry bartender who had to give us our air bnb key; our cozy air bnb apartment; you trying to open the door to the bathroom and being yelled at by the guy inside who thought we were trying to break in to his house; the sweet wooden doors and windows on houses here; our extreme excitement of finding out that our favorite vegan Vietnamese place in SanFrancisco has a branch in Paris; our uncontained joy upon learning that it was 400m from us; our delight when we learned it was still open at 9:30pm; our mild disappointment in finding out that it was actually closed; our extreme sadness when we read the sign that said they would be closed till August 25th for summer holidays. I mean, c'mon, which restaurant takes a summer break?! I suppose a decent one that cares about its empress employees  : (  still, I'm sad that it's closed. Nonetheless, we'll check out that vegan market tomorrow.

And speaking of vegetarian friendly food, our last minute Google translate search for  nous sommes végétariens helped us look less pitiful and earned us each a hot bowl of delicious pasta, bread, much-needed wine, and fresh crème brûlée at this sweet cafe down the road from us, where the people were so kind and directed us to the nearest grocery store too! I am amazed at people. In one hour, we met an irate bartender who rolled his eyes and barked at us, and then a waiter who went out of his way to help us.

Today has been a whirlwind of experiences! From walking down hot La Rambla to finding the most exquisite local artisans by pure luck of being thoroughly lost. And from hot hot hot hot hot hot Barcelona and its confusingly overpriced airport to sleeping like babies on the air conditioned flight to Paris. And from listening to accordion players on the trains of Barcelona to the French version of Imagine on the trains of Paris. So much to learn, so much to see, to much to experience, so much to relish, and so much to share, with you.

Anyway, it's getting about that time that we take a trip on our dream ship and travel far far away. I promise, there'll be free and continuous flow of water on this dream ship  ; )

It's not the coolest in our warm air bnb, but it'll do. I have you and the soundtrack of Amélie playing in my head, and feet that are ready to waltz to la valse d'Daniel - come join me?

Yours, with love,

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