Thursday, August 6, 2015

Pictured Perfectly

Dearest Daniel,

Today was pure magic and fun
It's not everyday we get to swim in the Mediterranean!

A hop, skip, and train ride with finesse
Brought us straight to the beaches of Sitges!

Many a topless folk we did see
Never have I felt so non-judged in my attire for the sea!
(Turned out I was the most conservatively dressed woman in all Sitges ; )

Slightly burnt and significantly tanned are we
That's what happens when you spend a day at the sea!

Thanks for creating pictures that will travel long and far
Even without the aid of a camera!

Now we're all sticky and salty
A cold shower, a trip to Montjuic, and some yummy veggie paella catch my fancy!

Today was great, it was beyond better
And I'm so pleased, because our last night in Barcelona is still not over!

Beach Buddies Forever,

P.S. -  Wanna move to Spain? ; )

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