Thursday, August 6, 2015

Son of a Beach!

Dearest Suparna,

We went to Sitges today! It was a small little coastal village next to Barcelona with 17 amazing beaches. So so so so much fun! There are no pictures today, because we went without technology (lest something get lost or stolen).

I must admit I was a little bit anxious in navigation without any maps or any way to access the Internet, but I guess that's how folks had to do it back in the day! And luckily for me I had one of the best navigators around by my side.

Swimming in the Mediterranean was great! The water was so warm and felt much cleaner than swimming in the Pacific ocean. These beaches had their systems down really well too. It was so so easy to just rent an umbrella and keep in the shade. I must admit I was a little anxious that I would get super sunburned, but I believe the shade helped me quite a bit and I only got mildly sunburned.

Sitges is well known for being very gay friendly. This was definitely true - never have I swam surrounded by so many gay men. The atmosphere felt good and non-judgmental. However, the sad thing was that the gay culture seemed completely male dominated - I only saw a few lesbian couples the entire time. There were also some straight couples together, but in general this meant that it was about 10-15 males per one woman.

The other thing worth noting is that when there were women, probably 1 in 4 of them was topless. Women of all ages, races, shapes, and sizes. Except for the occasional gawker (most likely a tourist), nobody really seemed to give one another much mind. Being on the beach like this was just an obvious or natural thing to do. And it felt that way. People could just be, however they wanted to be, without judgment. That was a really nice feeling. I wish that more of the world could be like that - warm, calming, and absent of judgment.

Tumhaaraa hamesha,

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