Monday, August 10, 2015

The Little Things

Dear Dan,

Day 3 in Paris and it's been a perfect and quiet one. I've loved having a lazy start and waking up slowly to the sun drifting sleepily through our room. Our attempt to gate crash The Catacombs was unsuccessful with their Monday (or summer vacation, who knows) closure. I'm surprised we weren't the only ones. Nonetheless, its closure led us to walk around a beautiful observatory, some part of the University of Paris, and a cool display of women in STEM!

After this happy diversion, we found our way to the Montparnasse Cemetery. There we fan-followed the map to see where Henri Poincare, Jean Paul Satre, and one of my favorite feminists Simone de Beauvoir were laid to rest. We also wandered through many others' resting spots. I've never walked through a cemetary but as we reflected, we have been to a pretty large mausoleum  (Taj Mahal, anyone?)

We then began our daily search for food. Today, we declared was no ordinary Monday, it was Mmmm....Crepes Monday! So we found ourselves in the Montparnasse neighborhood and were ousted emphatically from two restaurants (Monday, siesta time?) and the 3rd was clearly capitalizing on this early closure of its neighbors by inviting us in. There was began Crepe #1 and 2 party! From there, we biked to the Panthéon. Thanks for finding roads that would not threaten to kill us! ; ) I much appreciated it! On our way, we crossed the Luxembourg Gardens and then began meandering through the Latin Quarter. Here I found two very interesting things:

1. A liquidation shop like no other I've seen before. The closest thing it cameto was an Air Force canteen from my childhood.

2. A clothing store where you buy by the kilo! You pick what you want, weigh it, and buy it!

We also find ourselves by the Sorbonne campus area!

Of course with all this walking and hard work of being a tourist, we felt entitled to our Crepe #3! So this time,  Nutella, banana, and coconut it was!

Through alleys with tempting fondue smells and falafel joints everywhere, we found ourselves in Shakespeare and Company - massive yet cramped English bookstore with a large collection of antiquarian books. I loved the smell of old books and the way the edges of paper tell their own rickety stories of whose touched them.

Soon after, it was time for Crepe#4 and#5! Citron and Nutella! All that hard work waiting in line for the self-cleaning toilet made me very hungry ; )

We biked back to our air bnb and then after a brief sit-down, we embarked on my favorite adventure - in search for Un Monde Vegan - Paris' very own vegan grocery store!  And man was it amazing!! Not only did they have vegetarian  EVERYTHING,  they also had a handy dandy vegetarian restaurant guide to all Parris and France! After procuring our  necessary picnic items (and some unnecessary yummies), we biked to get our next essentials - bread,  cheese,  wine,  and chocolate!

I still cannot get over how convenient biking everywhere here is. We biked and walked all day today and experienced so much! I am so impressed by the ease of finding public bikes and cycling along happily!

Today was wistfully wonderful! Thank you for sharing it with me!  But it's not over! Baguette, camembert, pickled vegetables,  wine, vegan  (yay!) salami, and Amélie here we come ; )

With so much love,

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