Thursday, August 13, 2015

When the weather gets rough...

...Get out and brave it.

My dear Dan,

Today we let our inner Viking out! Leifur Eiriksson would be so darn proud of us ; ) even though our claim cannot be reciprocal to his as the first Indians/Americans to reach the great island of Iceland, I still think he would be proud of what we did today. 
An ussie with Leifur Eiriksson and Hallgrímskirkja in the background

After a 3am arrival at our air bnb, we both benefitted from sleeping in till a luxurious 8:45 am ; ) soon after, we hounded our fellow air bnb comprades (this is clearly an air bnb hostel in someone's sweet Icelandic home with two sweet doggies and little children who frequent their grandma's house) for the wifi password, information about the shower, and what they were going to do today. You and I both know the criticality of that last question. What are you going to do today?

I will forever recall our feelings of feeling trapped in some type of arctic storm ; ) the wind sounded murderous from our windows that wouldn't shut, the room was as cold as a freezer, and we couldn't hear one another over the sounds of the rain. All in all, I, like Mulder, wanted to call for backup. I saw the same look in your worried eyes, Scully. ; )

Reykjavik's stormy skies with the only appearance of blue sky we saw on our entire day and the clouds below it were moving at 30mph so that was a quick glimpse of the patch of blue!

After a quick shower (the water rose up to 50 degrees Celsius and all hot water smells of sulphur, so it felt like an indoor hot spring), we were ready to consider taking a taxi to downtown. We went downstairs to inquire about the whereabouts of a grocery store in case this really was an arctic storm in August and we were going to become mummified in the attic of this mannequin-filled home ; )

As soon as we learned about where the store was and the bus stop too, we both were like, £♡{# it - let's do this! And so we did and I'm so glad we did and as proud as Leifur Eiriksson would've been of us ;p

Us saying, "Bring it on!" to Reykjavik clouds!
If we hadn't ventured out, we wouldn't have:

☆ Frozen our legs and noses admiring the beautiful waves of the North Atlantic Ocean from the highest capital in the world and only 2 hours from Greenland ; ) 

Dazzling lava rock at the edge of the North Atlantic Ocean
☆Eaten the most delectable vegetarian food at Glo! It was so good on the tummy to eat fresh food and vegetables and yay for free and unlimited delicious water! Like in Norway, I'm so happy for free and clean water and toilets in Iceland!

Fresh ingredients and food - what's not to love as our Get-Thawed-Out Round #1 began
☆Walked to "that funky looking building" as you deemed it that turned out to be Harpa, Reykjavik's center for performing arts.  Here we got a free and rather jazzy preview of Reykyavik's Jazz Festival that began tonight! I loved listening to jazz lyrics in Icelandic, English, and Swedish! 

Harpa Concert Hall aka - "that funky looking building" by you!
The inside foyer 
The hall from above and inside

Mirrors playing tricks 

☆ The empowering number of pride flags we saw everywhere! More than any other European city we've been to so far!

Spot Pride?
☆ Me trying to ensure that the yogurt drink had no added milk and getting a mini-lesson on where yogurt comes from by the teenager behind the counter. I need probiotics, but will throw up instantly if I have milk straight. How to explain? ;p

☆ Walking to some cool sights in town and enjoying our last church we will see on this epic trip. And standing in the middle of the road to take pictures ; ) 

Don't get run over!

Speed Dating - single gloves

Inspiration on a jar

Sho Sheepish

☆ Finding a Dutch fries version in Reykjavik! 

☆ Enjoying a soulful soy latte and chocolate donuts in a warm café while watching the rain play catch with the wind. 

☆ Finding a local whiskey bar and an amazing local band (and local beers ; ) at Café Rosenberg - Sæbra, and between 3 women, they sang in at least 3 languages and played at least 7 instruments! 

☆ Laughed and giggled with you on the streets of Reykjavik. 

Those are tears of happiness and not to be mistaken as cold-induced trauma ; )

The Sólfar or Sun Voyager - more like Rain Voyager today ; )

☆ And found our inner Vikings!

Ég elska þig, (nope, not calling you a pig)


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