Monday, September 28, 2015


"I don't understand this hedgehog,"
"I don't understand this diagram"
Usually that implies a skill deficit in the understander not the understandee
(Hedgehog or diagram)

"I can't understand what you're saying!"
He shouted at her
Her perfectly understandable English
seemed confused at his tone

The entitled roll of his eyes,
his leant in angry posturing,
his slow and deliberate articulation
at a higher volume
suggested his assumption
that the skill deficit lay with her
not him

supposed native, accurate English speaker
merely wanting a cup of tea
but not being able to clearly state what he wanted
("Sir, would you like a small tea with 2 tea bag or a large with 2 teabags?"


Yes, you do not know how to answer that question clearly
Yes, you are subjecting the articulate Asian woman to your own bias and lack of skills
Yes, you are being micro-aggressive

No, that is not ok.

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