Tuesday, October 13, 2015

A kind kinda day

Dear Dannu,

Today was a kind day filled with mummy-daughter pampering, chilling, and getting so much doggy love, which you know I miss so much!

Today we walked around the city and again saw mile long lines for gas and an active police and protestor presence. The political and economic situation here is extremely confusing! I'm shocked at how confusing it is! And how little information there is about it.

The sun came out today but winter is slowly emerging from under the covers of monsoons.

Ate another yummy brunch of homemade idlis, sambar, and chutney. Mummy and I have fun in the evenings watching hindi movie songs videos! I think you would've liked this silly activity too!

I love being able to just be silly and just be here with mummy.

Love you always,

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