Sunday, October 11, 2015

And I thought Delhi was contradictory...

Dear Dan,

It's still the 11th for you, but I'm welcoming a gloriously charming Monday morning here in Kathmandu. I hear moisture in the air with dew drops still glimmering from their nightly bath.

Seeing mummy at the airport was so wonderful! Especially since the mere task of walking off the plane, onto a crowded bus, racing people to the immigration lines, trying to negotiate the longest visa possible in three languages, fighting to get my bags as though they were not mine but rather some open baggage lottery system, people walking about 1 cm from me (and being thoroughly apologetic, as though they didn't realize it would be a problem to walk between my hand and the luggage in my hand), and picturing mummy there after the earthquake with 10,000 other people trying to get safe - was exhausting.

Kathmandu is struggling right now. Post-earthquake, they have gone through other rounds of crises and are currently on the brink of running out of fuel, among other necessities. I worry, of course for the city, the country, and of course, my mummy.

At home though, it is peaceful - filled with delicious food, doggy licks, and mommy cuddles. Only one person is missing...

I love you,

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