Saturday, October 24, 2015

Colors and Contradictions Part 1

Dear Dan,

I am a bit late in writing this one - but then I did have good reason - eating a yummy breakfast and working out for almost 2 hours!!

You're going to be off on your next adventure, but I wanted to share my day with you before to keep you company with words and pictures!

Yesterday, we spend a relaxing day in Bali - going to the local arts and craft markets. Through a visual explosion of color - we navigated magnificent batik creations of all varieties, textures, fabrics, and more! It's definitely been fun trying to communicate in a language we don't understand and working hard (thanks Google Translate) to speak in whatever broken Indonesian we can! Makes me repeatedly, and not for the first time, appreciate the incredible effort you have put in to learn a language that's not yours so you can open more cultural doorways into my different worlds. As you know, I am reading a pretty heavy theoretical text on multiculturalism. In it, I read yesterday the different types of migrants and the different phases migrants go through, including separation, assimilation and more. I also read about something called "liminality" - the feeling of being neither here nor there. When you sent the photo of you eating your homemade mushroom mattar sabji, chawal, and the nimbu achaar YOU MADE, to celebrate Dusshera, I couldn't help but feel an incredible amount of gratitude towards you for supporting me in limiting my liminality. Thank you for that every single day.

Colorful batik shirts and prints - I could stare at them for a long time!

Some of the tools (block prints) and wax used in the batik making process! Did you know that Mummy had to take a 10th grade national level exam and made batik for one of her projects??

Yummy! Wish I could've eaten it with you.
Apart from language, we loved seeing local arts and crafts, these gorgeous and huge hand painted kites, and colorful batik everywhere. We also saw another delectable sunset and as we flew west racing with the sun and celebrated life with all those colors.

I think of you a lot with each new experience, but especially with food and eating! Yesterday, at Bali airport, we ate french fries with toasted seaweed on the top and it was yummy yummy yummy! I grabbed a bag of chili peanuts for you ; ) and we also tried a new nut/dried bean that tastes like chana jor garam without the masala.

It's a kiwi bird with wings!!
Sweet Disa Ayu!

I also got to top off my happy sundae of a day with seeing Ayu briefly one more time! It's been so special seeing a friend from so long ago and so far away - and I feel so lucky to have her in my life.

To coming back here with you,

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