Saturday, October 24, 2015

Colors and Contradictions Part 2

Dear Dan,

Today, I enjoyed a scrumptious breakfast and it felt odd as I watched news about more refugees fleeing Syria while I ate all this freedom-filled food.

Then I contrarily enjoyed working out for a long time.

So funny how how some have so much freedom and some, none.

I also had a food and fruit adventure today - getting to explore local fruit and enjoying all the amazing colors all around me! So much to be grateful for!

Fruit and vegetable galore!

Vegan protein section!

Enoki mushroom! I made ; )

Vegan chops ; )

Today, you're heading out to see Kevin, Chie, Luca, Elia, Yuna, and Elsa - and I'm missing you all LOTS! Have an amazing time and cherish each moment! Sending all my loving...


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