Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Dear Dan,

Today was a chilled out day. Got to go to a doctor in another country. My ear, as you know, is experiencing its 3rd infection this year. Fortunately, thanks to modern medicine, antibiotics have begun to be inputted into my system, and hopefully shall yield a positive output. Soon.

It's so funny after having been to numerous doctor appointments with you, seeing a doctor in another country. By virtue of being raised by two doctors, I got home-based treatment for everything from stitches for gashes next to my eyes to chicken pox. Going to "the doctor" meant serious business or surgery, which were rare, but not unheard of. Being here with my doctor parents brings me this sense of calm that I don't have in the US. Especially, taking my job as a teacher as seriously as I did, one of my biggest fears was falling sick and missing school (I think I missed my kids more than they did sometimes :p ) Mummy came with me to my appointment and was able to talk in doctor lingo and I felt like a kid in the most comforting sense for those 10 minutes, during which it was determined that I had otitis externo.

We went to a fancy-shmancy clinic by Nepali standards where I was the only brown-skinned patient. Some poor guy walked in all dizzy and woozy with his big hiking backpack. I felt bad for him.

The ENT specialist was straightforward and didn't use gloves nor washed his hands (in front of me, as I have become so used to seeing in the US) before examining my ear. My brain sees so many of these moments that show me how this Indian girl has become so American.

I'm grateful we could get into seeing a doctor so soon (none of the hassles of appointments, insurance, etc.! :) and that I'm not turning deaf.

Love you ear-nestly,

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