Thursday, October 29, 2015

En Routine

Dear Dan,

Yay for technology and time! Welcome back home and to a little bit of a routine!

My days have hardly had any routine, but I've not been a tourist either. I guess since I left my job, I found it odd how my routine was not guided by the needs of 17 marvelous human beings. I've been adjusting fine but it's empowering knowing I can guide my day, which also comes with responsibility. For instance, even though I'm on "vacation" at home, I'm watching what I'm eating, trying to work out frequently, and staying on top of my projects. I'm also reading a lot for fun. I'm catching up with friends and family I haven't in a long time. I'm also cherishing each moment with mummy. Sometimes I just sit and take in the moment of being near her. I do this with you everyday, every morning before you stir, I stare and smile! :) I don't have the luxury of doing that often with other people in my life whom I'm so grateful to have.

As part of a changing routine, here are some things that are settling for me:

My appetite
My sleep cycle
My meditation
My exercising
My being

I hope you find that routine soon too as you return home after a while.

Sending you and our sweet home love and warmth,

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