Friday, October 9, 2015

From Tokyo, With Love

Dear Dan,

Wow! It's 5pm here in Tokyo and the sun has said goodbye already, so I thought I would write to you while we're both bathing in the light of the moon - you in the U.S., and I here in Japan.

Landed in Tokyo!
First thoughts - can't wait to come back here with you! They give you rubber slippers to put on when you take off your shoes for security! How cool is that!! They also had the most energy efficient escalators and the jazziest duty free shops I've ever seen. It's funny sitting at the gate for a flight to Delhi - suddenly, all the people at the gate look like me! I met this very chatty fellow - not Indian - Vietnamese who wanted to know my name - I struggled to find a suitable pseudonym and settled at Kude. So he said, "Miss Kude?" and I responded, "Mrs. Kude." Ha!

I loved listening to a language I didn't know and so very briefly and with exhaustion glanced at another world! I really can't wait to come back here with you!

Here are some pictures from my brief time at the airport and the perfect cookie I got on the plane.

See you in my dreams,

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