Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Of moments that fleet

Dear Daniel,

Day 2 in Bali has been great so far! It's nice to see mummy enjoying her well earned relaxation! Beers on the beach, piña coladas by the pool are hard to beat. But two things did beat the undeniable awesomeness of the previous two - seeing my mummy happy  and relaxed and racing waves to run after the most exquisite fossils and corals I have found! I relished each wave, watching people surf and play games with waves (waves always won ; ), kites gleefully plummeting through the skies, planes landing at the airport, and the feeling of sand being pulled from under my feet. Wave after wave relentlessly reminding me that moments fleet and wait for noone. Each wave enveloped me in a new blastful of sand and stole the ground from beneath me without my consent. It waits for noone and is answerable to noone. What a tepid reminder of the frailty and bigness of life itself.

After philosophizing at the beach, it was time for a nap and resting by the pool!

Now the night beckons for more visual and aural glints of night time in Kuta!

With all my love,

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