Monday, October 12, 2015

Place Time

Dear Dan,

Today, I want to write a parallel and quick note to a little annoying presence...

Hello Jet Lag,

No one invited you or paid for your ticket across the world. Stop freeloading and let me sleep, please.

No thanks,

Here's my parallel note to share my gratitude...

Dear body, time, place, and Dan,

Body, you are one amazing thing! A miracle of neuronal and electric connections leading to the most spectacular successes and holding the potential for the most terrible ones too!

Time, I look up to you. You are independent, supremely elusive, too stubborn to hold on to, and constantly on the move. You hold memories, every single breath ever breathed, and dreams that are yet to be realized in the palm of your hands. Thank you for sharing yourself with me, so I may share you with my mummy across the world from me.

Place, rather - current place, you amuse me. Today, you showed me a 5 mile long line of automobiles waiting for fuel. One of thousands of lines across your borders. You also showed me that people are resilient, and stronger than we think. Today, you showed me a t-shirt that solemnly announced,  "Nepal, we shall rise again." You also showed me courage to uphold your heritage with century old buildings being loved on after falling to the ground. You showed community with your entire population getting ready to celebrate Dasain. You are lovely. Your inhabitants, beautiful. Your spirit strong.

Dan, you are being missed by me, mummy, and Coco. I got to eat yummy homemade traditional Nepali food and homemade dosas and not just my tummy, but my heart too thinks you would like this place a lot! Not a moment goes by when I'm not deep in awe of how big your heart is. How each time I call you, you say some version of: you love me, you're so happy I'm getting to spend this time with my...our family and friends, and that you miss me. Your loving support to live out this multi-home tug that my heart feels, is empowering and humbling.

Thank you thank you thank you.

Here are some pictures from today...

There's a serious shortage of everything here right now, including goats to sacrifice for the big festival right around the corner.

Durbar Square. I came here 2 years ago and it was a different place yesterday post earthquake.

Mummy and I went to a beautiful alley teeming with local brass and copper artisans. It was festive walking on the streets of Kathmandu on Dasain eve.

My breakfast this morning.

A hand pump for water that's outside my mom's house. (I know you know ; ] but) no, we don't drink water from it.

I love you,

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