Saturday, October 17, 2015

Singaporean Surprises

Dear Daniel,

It's been an adventuresome last 24 hours! We left home in Kathmandu for our flight to Jakarta only to learn that because of the fuel crisis in Nepal, we would need to stop in Kolkata for fuel. This meant that we would miss our connection at Singapore and would need to spend the night there. This also meant admiring speculator aerial views of Kolkata - green and bathed in the most festive colored rooftops! This also meant getting super views of Everest, making a wish on a rainbow next to it, as opposed to from below. This also meant spending a night in Singapore airport.

Which, by the way, is the bestest most awesomest, superlatively superlative airport in the world! And for the 5 hours that we were in the city, the city was all of those adjectives and then some! The folks there were efficient (there was someone standing by our gate as we got out of the plane with our names, transit visa, immigration information, taxi-hotel-meal voucher ready!) The taxi ride was comfortable, the roads awesome, and the hotel super duper awesome!

The immigration line the next day at the airport was so organized, people helpful and competent; the airport had a gym, movie theater, swimming pool, koi pond, and 2 hotels inside! It was stupendously clean and well organized with automatic screens with information on flight times/gates/wifi details. Security was individualized by gate and thus not crowded and so organized that each bin had slots for laptops, phones, etc.

As you can tell, I was impressed with what I saw ; )

Can't wait to come back with you someday...

And find more surprises!

Love, always,

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