Sunday, October 18, 2015

Super Glue


Heart on sleeve
Eyes found in a dream
Heart beating several beats in several chests
Legs calculating that next slide
Back ready to fly into inky horizons
Arm braced to hold, for

Nostalgia lives in the past
Let it stay under covers
Snuggled in its own unknowing
For letting it out
May be more than I can hold
In my already full arms
Of changing rules,
Altered relationships,
That confuse and don't stay in neat boxes

I longingly peel off each label
Some I stuck on myself
Others, super glued on me
Some in haste,
Some with my tongue creeping between my lips in focused agony,
I unfurl each label to reveal scars
Gashes worsened by glue that doesn't belong to me
Glue I didn't want
I didn't need
Glue I don't know how to wash off
Of me
So I'm left picking leftover crusty dredges from my finger tips
Quick, I try
So I can still save some of my finger prints -
Save some of me

There I am
That's me -
Adjective deprived
Verbed out
So I can wildly wilfully be

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