Thursday, October 22, 2015

The price of relaxation

Dear Dannu,

Once again, I'm sorry you're having non-relaxing days. I hope things will get more whelming as opposed to overwhelming.

Isn't it so helpful that we can rely on technology to stay connected especially when things get tough?

I'm so grateful we can talk so easily. Do you remember the days when we first got together and how VOIP was considered so very novel and spectacular? Now, you're a simple phone call away, which I can make for free thanks to this unbelievably reliable t-mobile plan.

I'm glad we could talk today : ) And that I got to show you the lion dance in our hotel lobby live on video chat!

Today, mummy and I walked around local sites and saw a beautiful sunset at the beach. We bid good night to the sun and sent it your way. We enjoyed a yummy dinner together and yet some more mojitos and piƱa coladas! Got to giggle and spend some wonderful time with mummy I will always cherish!

Every person we encountered here today was extremely helpful and kind to us. Even with the language barrier, we're mostly being able to interact and communicate with locals here. The impression I get is that people are mostly trusting and trustworthy. I realize I can't generalize, however, from the few interactions I have had, I am humbled by those two qualities. Also, seeing a lot of stray cats here. Our cat loving friends would've enjoyed them!

Anyhow, sleep calls me. Love you,

P.S. - Did you get the sunshine I sent you?

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