Sunday, October 18, 2015

When the world shrinks...

...hearts beat together.

Dear Daniel,

Today was a relaxing day getting to see and explore Jakarta by foot and on the road in a car. In the city of Jakarta, 3 million people come in each day to work. They come from suburbs and surrounding towns. Traffic, I  hear can be quite hectic, but today, it seemed reasonable - something that's common for Sundays, I also heard. Drivers seem a bit more courteous than Delhi drivers, and the pleasant absence of cows and dogs from the roads, helped a lot too.

After a leisurely breakfast, during which I carefully inspected the two teensy-weensy insects on my raspberries, we headed out to see some local shops. There seems to be an unnecessary abundance of workers in stores. Someone to hold the door, someone to follow you with a shopping basket, someone to help you in variously unimaginable ways, someone to offer you free samples of everything imaginable. Many people.

In the city there are various types of public transportation to help us get from place to place as we explore. Bajai (auto rickshaw), Transjakarta  (exclusively lined, bus service), trains, buses, Mikrolet (large mini vans), motorcycles (Gojek, Ojek, to name a few - these two are rival apps and fight a lot) - to name a few. They're working on a metro line now too.

I also found out that Indonesia is one of the largest users of Facebook and Twitter and Indonesians have a large social media presence.

But of course the highlight of my day was meeting Ayu for the first time after May 2007!

Ayu patiently waited for me as I found my way to her, showed me around this happy city, entertained my litany of inquiries about Indonesia, took me to many neighborhoods like - Sudirman,
Monas area and Istiqlal Masjid, Kuningan, Kota, Pasar Baru, Kemang).

My heart was so happy at this shrinking of the world for one special evening!

You'll have to come back with me to meet dear Ayu.

Love you

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