Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A Girls' Day Out

Dear Dan,

As much as I missed you today, if you were here, this would've been one of those days that you would've elected to spend your day in the kitchen learning to cook some new type of complicated Indian food or watched life go by while planning your next piano practice. Today, was relaxing, lazy, and pampering! Filled with shopping, pedicures, manicures, facials, coffee, tea, ice cream (Hot Chocolate Fudge!), and chilled outness. I was proud of myself for busting out some bargaining skills in a place that I didn't think they would be permitted at all! I also got to run up and down the stairs of FabIndia for Jessica and made my 10,000 steps of the day ; ) and I'm glad she found what she was looking for. I learned of Lauren's (Laurence??) singing abilities and sang Circle of Life when I clearly couldn't Feel the Love Tonight. They bravely battled some funky ATMs and emerged victorious after some attempts. We were the last people in many shops and I killed 5 mosquitoes barehandedly. I also fought with every auto wala because they refused to take us by meter and flinched and jumped at every twist and turn.

 I saw a Delhi Police officer taking a picture of a car's license plate for the violation (I presume) of stopping past the crossing line at a traffic light. Wow!

That's the first time I saw that in India - a manual version of the flashing cameras at stop lights in the US. After another yummy homecooked meal and ice cream, I got to spend time talking with Aditya and I can't help but feel so incredibly grateful for the gift of this time with him. Growing up, we never did talk and now that I am patient enough to listen, I am mesmerized by how wonderfully warm, kind-hearted, humorous, life-loving, constantly learning, generous, conscientious, and thoughtful human he is (Aditya, I didn't use either "creative" nor "artistic", even though I think you're a brilliant artist in your words, thinking, and creation ; ) . He's always been so, but I finally got the chance to see it all in action and listen to all of it.

Sleep was scarce, but I slept peacefully.

Soon it was time to see off our two lovely guests to see a Wonder of the World!


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