Thursday, November 12, 2015

A new year, new beginnings

Dear Dan,

I am sitting high above Gujarat flying over Ahmedabad through orange and fuchsia  skies and I'm missing the fun times we've had the past few days in Ahmedabad! Today, too, we were ready to greet post-Diwali and new year visitors and I got to eat Mamata Masi's famed fudge! As a kid, I remember sneaking to their fridge and opening old boxes of mithai recycled to store gooey cubes of homemade fudge. The warmth of each bite brings back untold memories of being 11 and excited for a mouthful of cocoa and pure ghee!

We got to see lots of extended family today and Revati and I got to chat like old times while the elders napped. I can't believe, and yet I can, how time has changed things and us too. Some relationships are timeless, and some change. I have you in my life and your family has adopted me and vice versa. I'm grateful for that and the effort you put in each day to be a part of my past and present. I told Revati how old we've become, but what I also wanted to say was how glad I am for all the moments we shared as children, all the teenage giggles we giggled, and now all the grown up type moments we're living. I feel so grateful to have family to call mine and love on... and there.

With smiles,

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