Wednesday, November 18, 2015

All in All

Dear Dan,

Sleep is not my friend these days, but if anything, I think it has more reason to be mad at me than the other way around. It's been a busy past few weeks and I am grateful for the time I've gotten with all the wonderful people in my life. However, they've also been some changes, transitions, and some things to do and hold that I know have been weighing on both of us. And sleep certainly is a powerful supporter, and one I haven't had much access to. I have some work to do and I end up sneaking in a few moments at the end of the day to do so. This means that right now too, it's 2:43am and I am possibly jet-lagged but most likely just holding a lot.

I know that you've been going through a lot too and are feeling so much of the same and holding so much of that same transitory anxiety that I am. And I'm sorry I'm so far away that I can't hold you and tell you we'll make it.

Today, got to spend some time catching up with work and family. Got to listen to music from the 90s (including Laura Branigan's Self Control!!!!) and I'm so proud of my adopted Indian sisters making it safely and happily to the Taj Mahal and Agra Fort and back (they lit up the hearts of many and even got some kindly man to yell at some creepy guys pestering them). They're such complementary travelers who make such a wonderful team together! I missed them and was glad they had a good day today! Good steps to explore the rest of India on their own. Both of them ask good and important questions about class, caste, religion, gender, and injustice in India. And I continue to struggle to share the complexity that is my country - the home that raised me.

Got to make more happy memories with masi and Aditya before he heads out to his next adventures! And ate waaaaay too much chikoo ice cream!

I wanted you to know...
The bruuuh and me!

Sping-roll in a hot dog bun! Welcome to India!

We'll make it,

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