Thursday, November 19, 2015

Being Here

Dear Dan,

Today was a day of being here and here. I am slowly catching up with sleep but got out of bed early for a great reason! Got to visit some old haunts in Delhi and spend time with dear friends as other dear friends took Delhi by storm!

A beating heart for a beating city

Elma's and beer to wash down breakfast

I take pictures of drums wherever I go ; )

A miniature tea set made my day!

Namesake is Moving Back to Nature

It was a slow-paced day that made me grateful for being here and co-exist with the feeling of missing you tons.

I saw a bus full of school children and children on a field trip yelling at one boy, "Bad Boy!" I was very confused by this and then I confused them by staring curiously at them. I rode in an auto with the most earnest auto driver I have ever encountered. I couldn't believe my ears - yes, he would go by meter, got off the auto to tell a car driver to be more patient and not honk so much, presented me with various routes and suggested one that would cost me less money - wow! November 22nd is "No car day" in Delhi - I saw an ad at the back of a bus that said, "Ab Bus Karo" ; ) Clever, eh? I'm curious to see how it goes that day.


Captured school children?

Got to eat more yummy home-cooked food and now I'm gearing up for Sri Lanka. Not ready to say goodbye to Jess and Lauren, but it's time for them to head to new and other adventures!

I'm ready to dream and will see you in my dreams.


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