Thursday, November 26, 2015

Elephantine Rock

Dear Daniel,

I woke up to see the sun rising directly in front of my window and I breathed gratitude for all of the people in my life, the things I don't have to think twice about, and the people who ground me and inspire me. I am grateful for you. Your love, your belief in me, your caring support, your leaps of risk-taking that you continue to take every day that you choose to be with me. Thank you.

After a delicious sunrise and then breakfast, we headed for Sigiriya Rock. Climbing it in the heat of 9am was out of the question, so we stood from afar and admired. Then, we headed to an elephant orphanage in Pinnawala. The original intent of this orphanage was to rescue elephant orphans from human infiltration and give them a temporary shelter, study them, and then send them off to the wild. Most of them get abandoned because us humans are at it again - deforesting, clearing out habitats and ecosystems so we can have more places to plant our seeds and factories. Some baby elephants fall into wells or become aggressive when threatened by humans. So they find themselves at this government operated "sanctuary" at Pinnawala. The trouble is, they're kept like zoo elephants. Trained and tamed to entertain people and when not being entertained - terrorized into compliance. It was upsetting.

I watched, stared, and pondered. They were majestic and yet so afraid of the sharp call of the little boy taming them.

What are we humans capable of?

After a quick cold drink stop, we headed back on the road for our final stop - Negombo. Actually, we're a little outside of Negombo in a town called Waikkal. We watched the sun set at 5:49pm from our swimming pool connected to the beach, as dogs silhouetted themselves against a fuchsia draped sky. I sipped on my martini rosso and said goodbye to the sun, good night to Sri Lanka, and thank you to the people and moments in my life that got me here and make me want to keep moving along.

I love you, my most precious person,

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