Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Festival of Love

Dear Dan,

It's still diwali for you as I write this, but today is bestuvaras for us Gujjus, literally meaning "the year is sitting" or as we think of it - the new year is beginning. So saal mubarak, happy new year, to you.

Yesterday was very festive and filled with family, food, and fireworks. We began by visiting family in our diwali wear and enjoying some yummy and nutritious homemade treats (yes, I got recipes ; ) and then ate more food and took a much needed afternoon nap! Then we headed to meet the oddest living lady in our family - Pushpa Ben, and got those who don't know much about Gujarati nomenculture - ben means sister, literally. But as you know we call all women ben! It was quite special to see many generations together, hear chatter in Gujarati (and only follow enough to save my life, giggle at appropriate times, and nod solemnly when the conversation turned a shade somber), and listen to stories about when Mamma and her sisters were young uns. I also worked hard to avoid getting bitten by dengue laden mosquitoes. Fingers are crossed and body is reeking of citronella. We then enjoyed a relaxed evening making rangoli, inviting Lakshmi by drawing her feet, and lighting diyas. I fell asleep to the sounds of non stop fireworks and woke up twice thinking I was in a war zone and panicking that no one else seemed bothered. How lucky we are to have this festive association with the sound of a bomb.

Anyhow, fireworks are my least favorite part of diwali.

And you're one of my favorites ; )

In and with love,

PS - the lady at Bandhej, our family favorite store, said I couldn't try a top because it was size S and I would no way fit in it.  She said in Hindi, "Have you seen yourself?" I was damn pleased that it fit me perfectly. 

PPS- we must learn math in Gujarati from Revati! Bhaagi in gujju means "divisor" and in Hindi means "run". So Revati told me to figure out which numbers run away from 150. 

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