Monday, November 16, 2015

Friends - old and new

Dearest Dan,

Going to bed at 10 wasn't easy, but it made it easier knowing mummy and I were going to be up at 2 to go get Jessica and Lauren from the airport!

I was pretty darn excited to see them and greet them finally in India!

After some coordination and thanks to Delhi's empty middle of the night streets, we found each other! Lauren had her "Don't mess with me" look ready for the onslaught of Taxi, madams? And it was so great meeting her finally and of course seeing Jessica again after school ended! We chatted on the way home and everyone tried to sleep till it was time to head out again to celebrate with more friends. We got Vanita and headed to Ritambhara's for a fun fun afternoon! She played bartender most excellently and I figured it's never too early for whiskey when you're asleep deprived! Her family had cooked the most delicious food and we tucked in. I loved seeing Ritambhara in her element and with her two more recent family additions - The Two Ms! We ate way to much, and I had kept jet-lagged Jessica and Lauren awake long enough, so we proceeded back home to Seema  Masi's with Vanita's navigational help! It's been an additional special treat to spend time with Aditya at home too! After some planning for the rest of the week for Jess and Lauren, during which I became increasingly impressed at all the growth and adventures they have had, we all finally settled with all the accumulated tiredness. Our two world traveling guests have a good combination of fearless planning and bold laid-backness. They were also probably very exhausted and did a good job of staying awake with the help of a nap till dinner time. It's been fun feeding people, thanks to Seema Masi, who seem to like Indian food quite a bit! Then it was time for me to work some more and after being awake for around 24 hours and an exciting phone call with two awesome collaborators, I was ready for some sleep.

I miss you a lot and am feeling the distance the last few days, as I know you must be too. Just know that I care deeply for you and think of you lots. These oceans and continents between us are merely a hurdle. I suspect with my busy-ness getting a little better and me slowly catching up with sleep, we'll make better use of fiber optics in our life.


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