Friday, November 20, 2015

Goodbye Delhi, Hello Sri Lanka!

Dear Dan,

I'm sitting at my gate waiting to board my flight and I'm excited. Sad to leave Delhi and people here, but very excited to see Bua and Phuphaji in Sri Lanka!

Today morning Jess and Lauren left for Jaipur and I tried to get some more sleep. On my way to the airport, I saw a peacock! When I was in elementary school, lots of peacocks would come by and hang out on our playground when we would play cricket. I haven't seen a peacock in years. Then I had an intense philosophical discussion with the taxi driver about pollution, quality of life, what us humans are capable of, and flight  (I explained gravity, thrust, lift, and drag in Hindi!  ; ).

I'm excited to see a new country with the lightness and freedom of a kite. I keep remembering all our fun explorations together. You're the best travel buddy a girl could ask for!

I love you, and miss you tons,

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