Tuesday, November 17, 2015

I love/loathe Delhi

Dear Dan,

Today was a day of I-miss-Delhi moments and gosh-I-could-never-live-here moments. Jessica and Lauren are spectacular sports and easy to please when it comes to the incredibly crucial matter of food! It's truly a joy watching someone enjoy the food you grew up eating and not pushing it aside with a few creases on their nose. I think all your little boxes of food you would pack for Jessica seemed to have helped her a bit in knowing what she is eating ; )

We went to Cottage Emporium to give them a crash course in Indian handicrafts and then headed to the Delhi Tourism head office to get information on a Delhi sightseeing tour. This place epitomized redundancy and bureaucracy. I asked them what their cancellation policy was and they asked me to check their website right after they had accused me of not knowing how to read a website, when I (and 3 more perfectly literate humans) couldn't find the information they claimed was, "on our website, Madam." Then they asked for the brochure in my hand and stamped the cancellation policy onto it. Why?!? Why not just tell me the policy?!

After ranting and rambling, I then led my two companions for a late lunch to eat some Delhi food! Chhole bature and pao bhaji! Then we headed to Dili Haat for some serious bargaining, shopping, and mehendi-putting.

Then it was time to head home, with one pitstop at Nirula's, for a request I couldn't say no to ;)

I got home to a bonus waiting for me apart from awesome Seema Masi and Aditya - Ritambhara and Vanita!

And then it was time to catch up with sleep that I hadn't experienced in a while!

I love you,

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