Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Kandy Diabetic Center

Dear Dannu,

I snuck in a little light this morning to catch a glimpse of sunrise over the mountains.

How can this not bring peace...
Today, we had a yummy yummy breakfast and then headed to the Perideniya Botanic Gardens to see some gorgeous trees, plants, shrubs, ferns, bats, cows, monkeys, suspension bridges, and rivers! The amount of diversity in this world fascinates me. In the gardens, they had a "memorial tree walk" if trees planted by famous politicians and diplomats. The saddest looking tree was planted by Indira Gandhi - India's first female prime minister. Also in the garden were lovers everywhere! Every single bench, as Bua rightfully pointed, was occupied by hormonal desperate young heterosexual couples. I also saw bats!! Of course I thought of my favorite - Stellaluna and got so excited when I saw one flying. I also got approached by a group of men to take their photograph and then they asked me if they could take one with me and I was like, Heck No! Well, I actually said no thank you and walked away in a huff.

Candle Fruit!


My favorite Burmese tree in the whole garden!

Bua sharing the bench with desperate lovers

It's a fruit! It's a branch!

It's a bat!!!!!

So many leaves on one trunk!

After the pretty gardens, we went to Kandy City Center, a mall with fascinating shops (including McDonalds and Burger King - not so fascinating in and of themselves - but with fascinating menus I thought you would enjoy seeing ; ) and then to a Buddhist temple to see where his supposed tooth is supposedly enshrined (I wish I could bring back the calming smells of jasmine from the flowers in this temple). The history in that temple was mindblowing! We also drove around a gorgeous lake and I saw many types of cool birds and fed fish popcorn (all in a day's work!) After that we visited an art center, a gem museum (where we were subjected to a highly informational powerpoint presentation and movie showing the incredibly tedious process of gem mining in Sri Lanka), and went to see a cultural show. At the cultural show, I saw many drummers and missed you - you would've enjoyed it. I also saw fire eaters and walkers and acrobats! I felt like a kid and had a fun time watching them and being paranoid about mosquitoes.

Share the Road

Our guide - procurer of popcorny offerings to the fish 
Fishy Popcorn

Every entryway had this stone "doormat" in the temple. The carvings around signified leaving behind the complications of life and entering with simplicity.

I got museumed

Ain't no mosquito gonna bite me!

Fire walking

A fun fun day!

I missed you...

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