Sunday, November 1, 2015


Such a banal four letter word
for this most monumental experience that will ever be

Such it is
and such it will be

Been this way long before you and me
and will be so long after

We are merely second hand movements
on this clock too wide and continuous for us to grasp

Yet we try

to dig our feet deep in the sand of our clock

Drag, push, hold on to
every instinct to stay

But that breaks the clock
doesn't work without the second hand ticking away

Righteously almost

Believing that it serves a purpose higher
than merely moving along
in a four lettered experience

Dear Dan,

Thanks for the long and loving chat today. I'm so grateful we can voip everyday and it makes you much closer. Sometimes I imagine you concurrently existing at the very same moment as me. It's hard to imagine sometimes. For instance, it's a dark November night for you in Boulder, USA. While it is a bright November afternoon for me here in Kathmandu, Nepal. I hear the sound of a hammer on a weary nail in the house next to ours. I don't see it strike though. I smell burning paper from the mini bonfire we're making. My eyes are burning slightly. My thumb is gliding across my phone's keyboard. And my smile erupts picturing you reading this when you wake up. The world is so so big. And we, temporary inhabitants, are so small. Yet we delude ourselves about being so big we know how to shrink the world quite a bit through the magic of fiber optics and such. Life goes on as it should, even as you lightly snore and I ponder about lunch.

Loving, living,

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