Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Meandering Kathmandu

Dearest Dan,

Today the streets of Kathmandu greeted my feet and feasted my eyes. The air felt light and warm (certainly did not need that jacket I wore) My ears took in all the obvious street music associated with South Asia - honks, loud chatter, impassioned  deliberations, excited planning, lazy afternooning, and so on. A slowly-moving street in the Baluwatar neighborhood was what I set out to explore. And slow-moving it was. Mostly empty streets, shuttered down cafés and restaurants, some small convenience stores open - the effects of the shortage are clear. I crossed a tailor who looked uncannily busy at work, a glass shop with a woman busily dusting shelves that had been forgotten for months, a pet store with four sad looking puppies in a cage outside that I seriously considered letting free (but then what?), many graffitied walls, international oranizations closed for business, an abandoned language school, a very loud group of students inside a high school, pigeons praying atop a temple, and dogs being kings and queens of the road.

It was a sensorily satisfying stroll and I think you would've liked it too! Not as much pollution, noise, dirt, or junk as some streets in Delhi that you have wandered on.

I hope you dreamt big dreams as you slept.

With love,

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