Sunday, November 8, 2015

Of the matters of heart and tummy

Dear Dan,

Today was made of memories and brought back many too! I woke up massively excited to see my girlfriends! Masi, mummy, and I headed to Defence Colony market to run some errands and it was fun going back there and seeing places we used to hang out in when we (Didi and me) were young ones! Including our favorite favorite favorite south Indian restaurant, Sagar! I remember noticing the day I could eat more when I was a teenager and knew I was getting older (and wider). We then headed to a sweet little place called Lota Cafe right across Purana Kila (Old Fort for those who need it) to meet Payal, Ritambhara, and Vanita and after many prolonged hugs, it was time to catch up, hear stories, tell stories, laugh, and make new memories. At some point in the middle of our requisite photo session, I declared, "I should live in Delhi." As soon as reality rushed back to me, I first qualified and then rescinded my spontaneous declaration. I think what I was trying to say was I really miss my friends. I miss my girlfriends in my life. I miss my friends from school, college, my life before I began my life in the US. I love all of it though and I feel incredibly lucky that I have the close friends I do in the US, India, and in other parts of the world. And I thank you for giving me the chance to build our life together and our friends.

Yesterday was also special because I got to eat a hot chocolate fudge from Nirula's. Again, countless memories of first moving to Delhi, being picked up from school and going to mummy's office and eating Big Boy (with cheese!) mutton burgers, drinking fountain Pepsi, and a hot chocolate fudge from Nirula's while we waited for mummy to finish and didi diligently did her homework and I daydreamed doggedly of a life sans homework. Little did I know my loathing for homework would lead to my passion as an educator who doesn't believe in homework  ; )

Nirula's HCF also takes me back to my memories with Payal. Payal and I have always enjoyed eating together and trying different things. I remember how close to distressed she was when I was trying to become a vegetarian. You see,  paneer tikka just doesn't cut it when you really ought to be chomping down on a seekh kabab! But she always thought of alternatives, so we could still preserve and relive our memories of sharing a sausage pizza or mutton curry.

When I was in college, my gut flora fully came of age. I tried all sorts of food from all sorts of places. My tummy and I have no regrets! Ritambhara, Vanita, Za, Arpita, Ayu, and I would eat totally loving to the wallet and appealing to the tummy kulche-mattar with achaar outside our college gate from a food cart. I have cried over meals. Bonded over them. Made new friends over a meal. And broken up over tears and untouched food. Yesterday, I got to smile and take in my lovely friends, my masi, and my beautiful mummy, holding in them years of memories and big chunks of my heart.

I missed you, you Dan, my heart,

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