Saturday, November 7, 2015

The way to warm up to Delhi... to eat your tummy out.

Dear Dan,

Today began with a brisk walk to the local sabji market woke a sleepy city slowly woke up. On the way to the market, I saw a woman sitting outside a shop who has been "living" there for apparently over a year now. I also saw a boy who apparently with great difficulty passed high school (his parents worked over 5 jobs each to get him and his siblings exorbitant tuitions so they could  pass *free* government high school. He didn't want to go to college because he didn't have enough "nice" clothes to wear. Sometimes, I think, just how sheltered we are living in the part of the planet we do. Then, later in the day, I feasted my eyes and ears on lots of arts and crafts at a Diwali mela, a big market, that mummy and I used to go to when we lived here (but at that time there was noone selling rape whistles). It was so nice and sad driving through old parts of town and sometimes seeing the same bill board with the same chipping paint on it from 8 years ago, and at other times going through areas I couldn't recognize at all. Memories are funny funny things. They're all we have to connect us to where we came from. We then went to eat chaat in Bengali Market. I went there for the first time with papa, mummy, and didi after watching Grease, the musical! I gave the waiter such a hard time when I asked him to give me a piece of malai chop, my glitzy dessert, but requested that he not touch it, not put it in a metal bowl, and not serve it with a metal spoon! This guy looked at me as if I had just popped out of a disoriented kangaroo's pouch and asked him for directions to The Hundred Acre Woods. We then drove through so many of my old haunts to a place we used to go to when I was 8 years old! And it felt so funny when the people there recognized me - by name! We looked at old family pictures and giggled while enjoying a yummy home cooked meal and now it's time for bed.

What a funny little big city this city is.

And this funny girl loves you,


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