Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Dear Dan,

There were moments of my day that followed to-do lists and there were those that didn't. I think the overall feeling I've been feeling is this incredible gratitude for time. I get to work out, read, be, and take care of myself before taking care of how others will perceive me. You know, that's a pretty big goal for me. It takes a tremendous amount of diligence and careful mindfulness each moment. Whether it's in doing some funky electronics and learning about AC/DC (not the band ; ) or in dancing like there's no tomorrow in the middle of the day - I'm learning to be and be for me.

There's still a ton of uncertainty in the future. But we humans - we have a funny tendency to plan and package our lives and plans as gruelingly and neatly as we can. Of course, it's not possible, but we sure do try.

Raising my gratitude-filled glass to you and moments of certainty in the midst of the unknown, and of course, sweet moments of watching an episode of The X-Files while video-chatting together!

I love you,

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