Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Dear Dan,

Today my Daddy, my nana, would've been 103. I think about him often. His wisdom, his legacy, his moments of triumph, his vulnerabilities, his daughters, his grandchildren, his dreams, his points of view, his dislikes, his fears. I never did get to spend much time with him, but I imagine he must've been a noble loving man...human to have known.

Today, I think of him and all he has created, given life to, and left behind to start anew.

And I think about us. I look forward to reading your long letter to me : )

I love you,

To Daddy,

Born shy of a world changing
shephard younger ones
blaze paths unseen
find Divya to cross seas with
create legacies
leave shoes too big to fill
a heart with
warm hugs
a smile that said
I see your mischievous eyes
And I raise you a naughty grin
wit, warmth, and winks
left us in
love and wonder

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