Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Course by Course

Dear Dan,

It's been interesting talking to people about matters of growth, development, progress, and such. Matters such as these always excite emotions, elicit deep-rooted feelings about the world, and sometimes cause much uproar. Every taxi and auto driver I have heard talking so far has had something to say about the political nuisances in our world, which often create more geopolitical concerns than solve them. It's amazing to hear what others are feeling and thinking. Voices not represented in popular media. I also watch a young girl working as domestic help because her father has made her leave school. He couldn't stop her from learning though. She asked me for my nonexistent iPad to play games on it and to YouTube the latest Punjabi rap music. Talk about access. And the lack of it.

It's interactions like that that made me want to teach. And it's interactions like these that make me wonder why I'm not teaching here.

Also today, us family folk went for a multiple course meal. It was sweet, fancy, and filled with nice memories.

You would've liked it,

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