Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Doon Abdomoon

Dear Dan,

Jeff is doing better! Good news!! Sighing sighs of relief!

Suparna got sick :(

Not a pleasant feeling but I feel better knowing I'm surrounded by doctors.

We rode a train and it was so magical and sweet. I think trains still live in an India of my past, perhaps even the past of my ancestors. Sure, they're cleaner and a little more pest-free than those of years ago, but still, the charm of getting tea in a thermos, and all the stuff for the tea in a little pouch labeled "chai samagri", and getting cutlets with ketchup and making your own buttered-bread sandwich, and those smells! And smells were all I had because my tummy decided to give up on me after almost two months of being in the sub-continent.

I love you. Thanks for your happy thoughts,

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