Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Equality, Clean Air, and Sitafal

Dear Dan,

At the airport today, I saw that Absolut has been working towards equality for decades. I wish a colorful vodka bottle could change the world. How easy would that be? Have a swig, erase your biases, wear your colors with pride...

If only.

Anyhow, booger update: sepia is the chromatic theme for today. Looks like the antibiotics kicked in and got rid of the colorful stuff.

Lungs update: breathing a little fuller but it's much colder here in Kathmandu.

City update: it's confusing. Things available in black. People have decided to stop mourning and seem to be getting used to living in shortage. Stores have very expensive groceries and are filled with flashlights, emergency equipment, and first aid kits. Even liquor stores are selling induction stoves and cookware. Resiliency? Complacency? Flexibility? I don't know.

I do know I love you,

P.S. : I have concluded sitafal is my favorite fruit.

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