Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Of the past and the unknowns

Dear Dan,

By a matter of chance, I got to go briefly to my old school for a visit! It was surreal being there and walking through corridors I have sneaked around, cried, giggled, run away from classes, made incredible memories, and even managed to learn something in! As soon as I walked down the steps of the main entrance, I started to see familiar faces. Of attendants, teachers, and more. It was also bizarre how little the kids seemed. I was them not *that* long ago and felt so incredibly big, invincible, and all-knowing. The blissful delusion of teenagehood. I felt old. And happy to be back. Grills in windows had changed. Paint had been touched up. New plants had been sown. Trophies had been shined. But Marwah Ma'am looked the same as she did when I was a difficult 15 year old. I saw their new principal, Rampal Ma'am. And kids and attendants called me ma'am. Which obviously strikes me as odd having now worked in schools where little amazing humans called me 'Suparna'. I was also pleasantly taken aback when my Sanskrit and biology teachers recognized me! They were surprised too since they hadn't seen or heard from me in over a decade. It was special and sweet.

Then, it was a mad rush to get to the airport to see Jeff.

I love you,

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