Tuesday, January 5, 2016

6 years ago

Said Piglet to Pooh,
"Yes, Piglet?"
"We made it to 6, phew!"
"Piglet, it's not so much about making it
than it is about making each moment it. "
"How do you make each moment it?
Is it like when Eyeore feels not very how?"
"It's about making each moment feel very how.
And how do we feel?"
"I feel very how!
Like how lovely it is that we have shared how many years with each other,
and we're not ready to give up,
despite us sometimes becoming confused
by big words,
and losing sight of what's really important
in the 100 aker woods.
Or forgetting to kanock when one of us in,
or not letting the other in.
I'm glad that we're here,
at this moment,
making it all count,
Pooh-ri tarah se."

Happy Anniversary, Pooh Bear.


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