Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Piece That Fit

You are the 7:15 that took turns to wake up
The silent walk from home to school
You are the patient waiting while I socialized
The endless pit of acceptance and love
You are the tears over tv on a Wednesday night
The quiet sacrifices made without spite
You are the Backstreet Boys poster above the bed
The joy of recording songs into a Walkman
You are the passion in a PowerPoint presentation
The artist's strokes that never died
You are the protector, the hero
Silently supporting, holding it all inside
You are the travel buddy on those solo trips
The tearful goodbyes filled with regret
You are the barbie dressed for bihu
The writer's creations pouring on paper
You are the smell of a newborn puppy
The two P's who always were yours
You are the cigarette smoked in anger
The curious risk-taker, forever an adventurer
You are the friend, always there
The love from far away
You are the long phone bills of distanced love
The torment of timezones and miscommunication
You are the bastion parents lean on
The laughter that comes deep from joy
You are the Spanish Esperanto French tongue
The learning of that inner yogi
You are the kind knowing reader
The wisdom that lights lights all around
You are the jigsaw for this little sister of yours
The hero, inspiration, the piece that fit


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