Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Letters to Tomorrow ~ All you need is love and a chocolate shake

Dear Tomorrow,

Today we got to wake up to another adventure and have new experiences. Today, we got to fly to where Dan’s roots are softly dancing in the ground. Not only are we beginning part 2 of our break and vacation, we are getting to share this time with Dan’s family. We left a gorgeous sunny Colorado day to meet Dan’s parents at the airport and then headed to Wisconsin where we were greeted by Dan’s grandparents. The flock has gathered to begin some mighty grand celebrations of two mighty grand loving people and the legacy they have built. It’s Grandma and Grandpa’s 60th wedding anniversary! I’m excited to see what the week holds for us and feel lucky to be a part of this loving family. I’m also excited to meet so many of Dan’s cousins, nephews, nieces, family friends, and other relatives for the first time!

Flying off together before airport security and blizzards shut down Denver
So many people in the world don’t get along with members of their own family. When I was younger, I would go through angry phases towards each of my family members. Papa once told me, “No matter what, I’m still your father.” I didn’t understand it fully then, but do now. Dan and I are so lucky! We have such a loving family and now, we have each others families to lean and love on. Sometimes, families are all we’ve got and all who will remain through thick and thin. Not everyone has families or families that love and accept them for all they are. We are lucky and feel grateful that we do.

Today, I think of all the lives lost around the world. All the families that lie broken because of the acts of people who take lives, hurt others, and break families. We are so lucky, we have so much.

I wish you love, laughter, and loving people all around you. I wish you a family that will love you unconditionally and one that you can love.

Here we are, enjoying the love of those we love...

The sweet couple!

The fam, according to Dan!

Love, love, love, and a chocolate shake!



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