Thursday, March 24, 2016

Letters to Tomorrow ~ Being Alive

Dear Tomorrow,

Celebrating my sweet Dan with sweetness and snow!
Today, we celebrated Grandma and Grandpa’s 60th wedding anniversary! Sixty years!! Snow came following us from Colorado and we got to enjoy some rain right before it turned icy. We also go to see Dan’s old family friends and visit some historic sites in Delavan! So much history and so much love everywhere. I love seeing things from our past. They remind me just how small I am. I love watching mountains and rivers for the same reason – they were here long before I was, and will be long after me. My arrival and departure made and will make absolutely no difference to these monumental beings.
Celebrating the G's!
The Delavan Art Tour!
Today, I had many moments filled with gratitude, wonder, and peace. These moments are rare. Some days it’s so easy to see how much life there is all around us, and on others, I struggle to take in all this beauty that’s always been there. It’s on difficult days like those, that I will remember today. I noticed more of my own self changing and growing, and today, as Dan’s birthday began in many parts of the world and the G’s celebrated 60 years, I felt so alive, so grateful, and so lucky.

Wishing you many days like today.




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